The Director’s Cut of Corporate FM is Here.

Kevin McKinney, Director Corporate FM, The Film
Kevin McK­in­ney in edit bay.

When Cor­po­rate FM won the AMC Doc­u­men­tary fea­ture award, I was very proud and shocked at the same time.  I did­n’t feel like the film was com­plete­ly done.  One of the judges (Rudd Sim­mons, The Life Aquat­ic, High Fideli­ty) gave me this advice:  “Tour with this film for a year, and sit with every audi­ence who sees your film. Then you can re-edit it.”  I’m so thank­ful that I took his advice.  Along the way, it won an Audi­ence Favorite Award and I had Q & A ses­sions with very diverse crowds.  I took a year off to let things set­tle; then rent­ed an edit suite in the stock yards of Kansas City. The film was com­plete­ly dis­as­sem­bled here. Some char­ac­ters were added, some delet­ed. Entire scenes fell to the cut­ting room floor (you can see them in the DVD extras). Even a song by the Cap­sules made it in. Dur­ing this time I fell in love with film-mak­ing all over again.  If I felt like the film need­ed a shot from the moun­tains, I’d go to the moun­tains and shoot it.  I redis­cov­ered the process of delib­er­ate sto­ry con­struc­tion guid­ed by the cre­ative inquiry within.

Radio blankets the city at night.
Film­mak­er watch­es as radio blan­kets the wak­ing city.

With my 2 cork boards of note cards show­ing plot points (Wal­ter Munch style), I cut the film we have today.

Walter Munch style plotting with Kevin McKinney

A nice thing about feel­ing “done” is that I can now pur­sue things like TV and VOD (Video on Demand). It’s been a long road to get here, but I find that the film and I are bet­ter for it. ‑KM

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