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•Find out who owns the radio stations in your town.

• Write your congress person or senator.   Your voice will be a welcome counterpoint to the constant corporate lobby power of corporate radio.  Change in media policy comes at the congressional level.  It was congress, not the FCC that created the Telecommunications Act of 1996 that consolidated radio in the first place.  Use our customizable sample letter if you like.

•Share our DVD with friends.

Sign the petition to reverse the telecom act of 1996.

• Donate time to help independent radio and public radio in your community.  These are the only broadcasting outlets that cover the effects of media consolidation.  You can even help start a Low Power FM station with the Prometheus Radio Project.

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•Consolidators have cut news-room staffs and investigative journalist for quick profits.  Help the few remaining journalist by supporting investigative resources such as the Center for Public Integrity.  

•Post our videos on your facebook feed.   http://youtu.be/v40kadobrWo

•Donate to organizations that promote media and broadcast diversity such as Free Press and Common Causes’ Media & Democracy project.

• Hold a community screening of Corporate FM.   The filmmakers may be able to skype in or speak in person if your budget allows it.

•Write radio station managers program directors.  Tell them that you expect live, local deejays and local programing to serve the public interest, and that you want local music in rotation.  Commiserate with them rather than blame them because they are just obeying orders.  Ask them to put your letter in the “Public File”.  Then the FCC will have the opportunity to read your letter later. The fact that the airwaves are public property (YOURS!) means that you have the right to demand more service that benefits your local community.

• Write a letter to the editor in your local publications.  It’s taboo for the media to report on itself, but they can publish your opinion to say what they can’t say themselves.

•Learn more about Private Equity or “Leveraged Buyouts” and how they can gut an entire workforce by reading Josh Kosman’s book. The Buyout of America and watching our video on it here.


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  • jay

    just bought the DVD… i’ve worked in the radio industry for almost 15 years. I’ve worked for small companies as well as Clear Channel. I can not wait to watch this movie!

  • There is hope. I was so sick of the way radio had become that I went out on a limb and found 3 FM frequencies in the Cincinnati OH area and after relentless work, finally was granted FCC licenses to build these stations. We are innovative mom & pops and run our stations old school. Our listeners do hear the difference and we are winning them one at a time. We would love to host a screening of this film here. People need to know the whole story. Would love to talk with you guys. Email me.

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