Steve Bell, Reporter

Steve Bell passed away this week in the news room at KCUR, the very same place where we inter­viewed him for this clip from the film.  He was known for his res­o­nant voice, but he brought a far-reach­ing wis­dom with his years.  There were things that young reporters missed that he would bring to a sto­ry just because he lived through the his­to­ry of many stories.

He lament­ed that as only one man, he could only work on a lim­it­ed num­ber of sto­ries. He said cor­po­rate radio sta­tions that have 2 or few­er reporters are con­fined to report­ing on only crime and traf­fic.  They skip gov­ern­ment.  This both­ered Steve because he felt that lis­ten­ers need­ed more infor­ma­tion in order to vote intelligently.

Steve was for­mer­ly a pro­gram direc­tor on the music side.  Pro­gram direc­tors have to endure com­plaints (and occa­sion­al praise) from the com­mu­ni­ty.  This is why they are so cool.  The expe­ri­ence opens them up to the true diver­si­ty of the radio audi­ence.  Steve under­stood his audi­ence in a way that few in radio do today.  Love for that audi­ence is what moti­vat­ed him.  It is also what I will remem­ber about him.

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