Steve Bell, Reporter

Steve Bell passed away this week in the news room at KCUR, the very same place where we interviewed him for this clip from the film.  He was known for his resonant voice, but he brought a far-reaching wisdom with his years.  There were things that young reporters missed that he would bring to a story just because he lived through the history of many stories.

He lamented that as only one man, he could only work on a limited number of stories. He said corporate radio stations that have 2 or fewer reporters are confined to reporting on only crime and traffic.  They skip government.  This bothered Steve because he felt that listeners needed more information in order to vote intelligently.

Steve was formerly a program director on the music side.  Program directors have to endure complaints (and occasional praise) from the community.  This is why they are so cool.  The experience opens them up to the true diversity of the radio audience.  Steve understood his audience in a way that few in radio do today.  Love for that audience is what motivated him.  It is also what I will remember about him.

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