The podcast “Sound Track of the Week” (SOTW) has announced that they are starting “Radio Diversity Day” to take place on December 5th 2012.  They say they were inspired by the movie Corporate FM.  The idea was born during an hour long interview that they did with Jill and me late one evening.

Sound Track of The Week Crew plus Corporate FM Crew
The Sound-Track of the Week crew and us.

On Radio Diversity Day, listeners are encouraged to call up their local radio stations and elected officials and demand more diversity in programming.  Urge them to play more local music and hire more live local talent to interact with and deliver to the community authentic radio programming.  SOTW has created a web page for the event here.

We are providing these additional references to help listeners.

Use this link to identify who owns the radio stations in your city.  Enter only the city name and state to do a radio ownership search.  You may be surprised that there are many companies that you have never heard of.

If you want to call the station:

Enter the station call letters into to get a phone number.  When calling, be polite and remember that they hate radio consolidation even more than you do because they have to see it for what it really is every day.   Ask for more diversity in programming, more local bands in rotation (pick your favorites).  Ask for more diversity in the staff too by hiring people instead of taking every opportunity to fire and cost cut.  Thank them for taking your call.  Keep in mind that Corporate radio does not have live operators at the phones outside of 8AM-8PM M-F.  Some stations have even less staff and are only there 4 hours a day!

If you want to write the station:

Enter the station call letters into to get the address for letters or google their webpage/facebook for emails. Tell them that you expect live, local DJs and local programing to serve the public interest, and that you want local music in rotation.  Ask them to put your letter in the “Public File”.  Then the FCC will have the opportunity to read your letter later. The fact that the airwaves are public property (YOURS!) means that you have the right to demand more service that benefits your local community.

If you want to call or write your Congress person  or Senator:

Click above links above (in red) to find phone numbers/Addresses.  Our sample letter details a legislative solution to the mess that has become radio.  You may have to educate them on why radio is not replaced by the internet rather it is hurt most by the corporate greed that has dismantled it for quick profits.

Finally, share what you did on Facebook and Twitter and with us in the space below.  Your action inspires others.  Thank you!

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Dec. 5th is Radio Diversity Day! Call in for better radio!



  1. You definitely have my support in pushing for this day.

    I’m not just going to single out dance/EDM; there are MANY formats that are not represented in New York City (country, alternative – soon losing WRXP). And being in the most conservative radio market in the country (since the suits are here), it’s only going to get worse as more spoken word formats will be taking over FM dial.

    Whatever resources you need from me, I am more than happy to help.

    Tony Santiago,
    Coordinator/New York Dance Music Coalition

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