I Heart Excuses: Top 5 Alibis for Radio Bankruptcy

Excuses for Radio Bankruptcy
These excus­es are impor­tant because own­ers have used them before to retain pos­ses­sion after bank­rupt­cy like they did with Citadel Broad­cast­ing. The excus­es are also used by any own­er who wants to avoid scruti­ny for skimp­ing on the staff.

Prized Excus­es:

  1. The inter­net made me do itThe notion that a ser­vice that peo­ple pay for (the inter­net) could threat­en a ser­vice that is free (radio) shows us just how bad radio has become. The last time I checked, new cars still have radios in them, and it is eas­i­er to access than the inter­net. They will try to blame ser­vices like Spo­ti­fy while ignor­ing the fact that radio only plays pre­dictable cor­po­rate playlists. Radio moti­vat­ed us to search the inter­net when they start­ed ignor­ing us. They could have inte­grat­ed the inter­net into their local sta­tions to strength­en the bond with us, but instead they just spent mon­ey on acquir­ing more stations.
  2. It’s the mil­len­ni­al’s faultBlam­ing the audi­ence is the same as blam­ing the vic­tim. Radio con­tin­ues to lose every new gen­er­a­tion because the con­tent is no longer curat­ed by the new gen­er­a­tion. Radio dic­tates con­tent to us instead of play­ing our requests. Today “requests” have to fall with­in the pre-estab­lished cor­po­rate playlist. It’s an illu­sion of choice.
  3. The great reces­sion of 2008.  The reces­sion only hurt radio because they had been fir­ing the staff in order to pay their debts.  In 2008, even the bankers wised up that radio could­n’t cut any more costs with­out cut­ting too deep into bone.
  4. The iPhone did itSince the dawn of tele­vi­sion, every new tech­nol­o­gy has been her­ald­ed as the death of radio. On a sur­face lev­el it seems log­i­cal that you’d rather watch TV than lis­ten to the radio because TV is like radio with pic­tures. But the real ques­tion is: what can you use radio for? Radio is sup­posed to be a pas­sive medi­um of local expres­sion. In oth­er words, you can do an engag­ing activ­i­ty (like dri­ving) with radio.  Cable TV, and Face­book do not change that. What does change that is when cor­po­rate radio own­ers fire all the DJs who made the sta­tion worth lis­ten­ing to.
  5. It’s the Debt (That they agreed to pay).  This excuse it legit.  What is not OK, is pre­tend­ing like this is some­thing that they did not already know. The num­bers were there in black and white in the mort­gage papers. They chose to buy-out the max­i­mum num­ber of sta­tions rather than to respon­si­bly own few­er sta­tions. They also used some­thing called pri­vate equi­ty to foist debt on an indus­try while shield­ing them­selves from the risk. Pri­vate Equi­ty makes the sta­tions respon­si­ble for debt while the own­ers col­lect fees.  I find this out­ra­geous. This is revealed fur­ther in the film on Ama­zon.

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