Janine Jackson

“Part murder mystery, part love letter to the key community resource that local [commercial] radio used to be.”

Janine Jackson | Counterspin



Charles Ferruzza, KKFI

“Corporate FM is a riveting — and terrifying — look at the profit-driven behind-the-scenes machinations of corporate-controlled broadcast media. It’s something out of George Orwell.”

Charles Ferruzza, Broadcaster and host, Anything Goes, KKFI

Chris Boeckmann T/F


“CORPORATE FM is a fascinating and informative look at the monopolization of radio stations. It’s infuriating”

 Chris Boeckmann, True/False Film Festival Programmer

Steve Mills, DJ 94 Rock“This is a must see movie.”

Steve Mills 94 Rock, NY



“Plenty of us…found college, community and public radioSteve Wilson, Mahoots superior… but CORPORATE FM illuminates the ways which commercial FM’s demise affects us all.”

Steve Wilson, Reverberations



“..an extremely effective summation of how we got into Robert Butler, Film Criticthis mess and how we might get out of it.”

-Robert Butler, Butler’s Cinema Scene




Trevan Mcgee, Movie Critic”..an impressive documentary that is principled, researched and moving”

-Trevan McGee, Scene Stealers


Melissa Lenos


“entertaining…informative and engaging”



Dick Taylor


“It’s well worth your time.”

-Dick Taylor, dicktaylorblog.com



Barry James Dyke

“Highly recommend”

-Barry James Dyke, Economic Warrior Radio Show






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