Prometheus Radio project
Prometheus radio project has made this possible.

A possible new radio station called “Fayetteville Community Radio” held a screening of Corporate FM to motivate supporters behind the venture.  The station is possible because new low power FM frequencies (LPFM) were legalized by bill in congress in 2010.  “It fired them up” said organizer Joe Newman about the film. “It was a very good presentation for what we are fighting for. It inspired people to take that extra step”.  That evening several audience members, who had left commercial radio, volunteered to help community radio become a reality in Fayetteville Arkansas.

A good community radio station also can put a little pressure on commercial radio to do a better job.  In Kansas City, the community radio station is the only live voice on the air overnight.  If you are interested in starting a LPFM station in your community contact the folks at the Prometheus Radio Project to find out how.


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