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Corporate FM shows the heart and toil that small businesses once put into introducing local communities to  talent that lived close to them.  It is also a story of destruction that shows that the repercussions of corporate takeovers are far reaching and not always foreseen (by everybody).  The story of Corporate FM has many lessons that may be of interest to students of  Journalism, Music Production, Political Science and Economics.

Topics Include:

  • The concentration of ownership of cultural industries.
  • The impact of the political economy on news organizations.
  • The role of broadcast competition in in-depth reporting.
  • Economic trends in media ownership and their technological and sociological consequences.
  • How financing utilized for station acquisitions has the greatest impact years after the initial purchase.
  • Historical uses of radio and their prospects in the new economy.
  • The sociological components behind critical mass in cultural movements.
  • The consequences of unilateral quantitative research methods when applied to music selection.

The Digital License includes:

  •  Full documentary film online via website (69 minutes) Break film at 28:40 minutes when splitting between 2 class periods, for good story timing.
  •  Discussion Guide for engaging post viewing conversation with audience and/or to facilitate classroom participation.
  •  Customizable Marketing Templates for Screening Posters & Flyers
    Plus Documentary Extras:
  • Consolidation from the perspective of a station broker who made money off of consolidation.
  • How consolidation inflated concert ticket prices.
  • Canadian and UK remedy for local bands
  • Small town radio owner Hank Booth’s story
  • Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips on unraveling pop culture.
  • FCC commissioner Michael Copps speaks about the public good
  • Fairness Doctrine explained
*For DVDs or a paper copy of the discussion guide, please add $20 to license fee. Shipping included. (Only DVD’s contain the feature commentary).


Radio Station Fundraisers & Community Screenings

Corporate FM is also used for independent and public radio fundraisers.  The film motivates staff and helps sharpen a stations mission to serve the public interest.  If your station in wanting to do this, please email us directly to work out the details.

We also offer Community Screening Kits to help your event get off the ground.  A screening planner, posters and usually a good place to start.  Since each organization is different, these things are offered on a sliding scale from FREE on up to $199.99