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• Find out who owns the radio sta­tions in your town here.

• Write your Con­gress per­son or Sen­a­tor. Your voice will be a wel­come coun­ter­point to the con­stant cor­po­rate lob­by pow­er of cor­po­rate radio. Change in media pol­i­cy comes at the Con­gres­sion­al lev­el. It was Con­gress, not the FCC that cre­at­ed the Telecom­mu­ni­ca­tions Act of 1996 that con­sol­i­dat­ed radio in the first place. Use our cus­tomiz­able sam­ple let­ter if you like.

• Donate time to help inde­pen­dent radio and pub­lic radio in your com­mu­ni­ty. These are usu­al­ly the only broad­cast­ing out­lets that cov­er the effects of media consolidation.

• Share our DVD or stream­ing link with friends.

• Con­sol­ida­tors have cut news­room staffs and inves­tiga­tive jour­nal­ists for quick prof­its. Help the few remain­ing jour­nal­ists by sup­port­ing inves­tiga­tive resources such as the Cen­ter for Pub­lic Integri­ty.

• Post our videos on your Face­book feed. The trail­er perks inter­est.

• Help LPFM (Low Pow­er FM) start up in your com­mu­ni­ty or around the US at the  Prome­thius Radio Project.

• Hold a com­mu­ni­ty screen­ing of Cor­po­rate FM.  Direc­tor Kevin McK­in­ney will Skype in or speak in per­son if possible.

• Write radio sta­tion man­agers’ pro­gram direc­tors. Tell them that you expect live, local DJs and local pro­gram­ming to serve the pub­lic inter­est, and that you want local music in rota­tion. Com­mis­er­ate with them rather than blame them because they are just obey­ing orders. Ask them to put your let­ter in the “Pub­lic File.”  The FCC will then have the oppor­tu­ni­ty to read your let­ter.  The fact that the air­waves are pub­lic prop­er­ty (YOURS!) means that you have the right to demand more ser­vice that ben­e­fits your local community.

• Write a let­ter to the edi­tor in your local pub­li­ca­tions. It’s taboo for the media to report on itself (they can’t bite the hand that feeds them), but they can pub­lish your opin­ion to say what they can’t say themselves.

• Learn more about Pri­vate Equi­ty or “Lever­aged Buy­outs” and how they can gut an entire work­force by read­ing Josh Kosman’s book, The Buy­out of Amer­i­ca and watch­ing our video on it here.

• Sign up for our newslet­ter “Local Radio Now” on the bot­tom of this page and get updates on blog post­ings that help artic­u­late the cause and prob­lem of over con­sol­i­da­tion in broadcasting.

• Stay up-to-date with our out­side-the-belt­way per­spec­tive.  Fol­low us at

Some past talks:

The Mak­ing of Cor­po­rate FM. Lessons for film mak­ers and fans. How does a doc­u­men­tary go from dream to deliv­er­able?  Does light­ing mat­ter? What makes a music move­ment?  What is this Pri­vate Equi­ty thing any­way? How do you fund films? Over the 7 years of pro­duc­tion on Cor­po­rate FM, we learned many hard lessons that would be of inter­est to stu­dents and filmmakers.

Pub­lic, Col­lege & Com­mu­ni­ty Radio Promotions

Cor­po­rate FM is an effec­tive tool to ral­ly sup­port for col­lege, inde­pen­dent and pub­lic radio stations.

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