Corporate FM focuses class discussion on:

  • The concentration of ownership of cultural industries.
  • The impact of the political economy on news organizations.
  • The role of broadcast competition in in-depth reporting.
  • Economic trends in media ownership and their technological and sociological consequences.
  • How financing utilized for station acquisitions has the greatest impact years after the initial purchase.
  • Historical uses of radio and their prospects in the new economy.
  • The sociological components behind critical mass in cultural movements.
  • The consequences of unilateral quantitative research methods when applied to music selection.

Discussion guide is included to facilitate classroom participation.  Questions and answers provided to help teachers engage students.

Plus DVD extras:

  • Consolidation from the perspective of a station broker
  • How consolidation inflated concert ticket prices
  • Canadian and UK remedy for local bands
  • Small town radio owner Hank Booth’s story
  • Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips
  • FCC commissioner Michael Copps
  • Fairness Doctrine explained
  • Feature Commentary
  • Trailer/Index
Students engage in discussion after screening.