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  • Dustin Kammerer

    I tried ordering the Corporate FM dvd, but for some reason the site wont take my debit card.

    • Kevin McKinney

      It's paypal, I'm sure if you try again, it will work.

  • Kalib

    I would like to purchase this from New Zealand, but clicking on the 'Buy Now' link offers no opportunity to enter postage address. Is it possible ship internationally, or at least to buy a digital copy?

    • Kevin McKinney

      Sorry to hear this. The "buy now" takes you to PayPal where you may enter all the pertinent info.

  • Selena Dickey

    Interested in purchasing the film, but curious how long it takes to receive it? I'm in Texas! 🙂

    • Kevin McKinney

      Hi Selena, I just got this. I can send it tomorrow if you like. I usually ship first class which to Texas it about 2 business days. If you prefer it faster, let me know.

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